My 2019 Coursera courses

2019 was an awesome year for me, mainly because I became father 🤗 but I also found time to keep my learning habit 🤓, something very important after 15 years since my first job in the field. So I’d like to list and elaborate on the Coursera courses I did and why:

  • Conflict Resolution Skills (cert): a good introduction, something essential even if you’re in an individual contributor position but critical in management.
  • Kotlin for Java developers (cert): a great course in order to jump from Java to Kotlin. We’ve been increasingly using Kotlin at work (even for microservices!) so I found it was a good way to review the language in general.
  • Programming Languages, Part A (cert): getting into functional programming was something I wanted to do for a long time, I did some Haskell at uni but that was ages ago and I knew typical few things used in JavaScript or Kotlin but using a pure FP language is a very different thing.
  • Programming Languages, Part B (cert): Part A used SML, this other part used Racket which was a bit parenthesis nightmare at first but it turned to be very fun as I practiced implementing a little programming language something I hadn’t done since university,

If you have a recommendation of any online course for 2020 please leave a comment 🙂