“CSS Pocket Reference”, Fourth edition, By Eric A. Meyer; O’Reilly Media;

CSS Pocket Reference

 Eric A. Meyer , also author of other CSS books like CSS: The Definitive Guide tries to provide a good tool for  the daily CSS work.

The book features the following parts:

  • 1. Basic concepts.
  • 2. Values
  • 3. Selectors.
  • 4. Property Reference.

As a pocket reference it is, don’t expect learning CSS from this book but a quick reference for your daily work. You’ll find a few references to chapters of CSS: The Definitive Guide. This edition is updated to CSS3.

Basic concepts: you’ll find a guide to the CSS key concepts. Just and introduction, something which could have been avoided as the reference it is but it’s useful having those key concepts together in a few pages.

Values: a reference to the values you can use, descriptive information ordered by different categories like key words, colors, numbers, percentages

Selectors: a reference to selectors, information structured as pattern, description and examples.

Property Reference : it lacks property categories, an alphabetic list is all you get. You need to know the name of the property you’re looking for, which isn’t always the case. For each property the information is well structured with: name, values, initial value, applies to, computed value, description, examples and note. Note usually refers to browser compatibility but just generally (“as of 2011”), not a complete browser compatibility reference.

Summary: a good CSS reference, perhaps lacking property categories and better information about browser compatibility.

Link to catalog: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9781449399030/


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